Working toward a quality education for all.

Access to Education and Hope: The Solukhumbu Girls Hostel

by Sarah Andrews, 

Growing up in her remote Nepalese village, located deep within the Solukhumbu (Everest) Region, Ngaki faced many hardships common among girls in Nepal who endeavor to go to school. The rural location of her village combined with the realities of her day-to-day life led Ngaki to wonder and worry about her future. She often doubted that it was possible for a girl in her circumstance to get an education.

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Ending Extreme Poverty through Education

Judith Rowland, 

57 million children around the world denied an education despite the world's promise to put every child in school by 2015. Tens of millions of children drop out of school before learning how to read and write - forced into early marriages, participating in dangerous work just to feed their families, or pushed out because of school fees they can’t afford. Access to education is one of the best ways to decrease poverty.

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Let Other Children Follow in Lupita’s Footsteps

Laura Henderson, 

Lupita Nyong'o was a smashing success at this year's Academy Awards ceremony in Hollywood. Not only did she win an Oscar for best supporting actress in Twelve Years a Slave, but her words touched the hearts and souls of so many who listened to her. As she accepted her Oscar, Lupita said "When I look down at this golden statue, may it remind me and every little child that no matter where you're from your dreams are valid."

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Communities Support Bilingual Education


“Before, classes would begin in mid-April or late March, and only a few attended. We had to go from house to house so they would come to school,” said Professor Ezekiel Huamán, Director of Huacrán primary school. “This year, for the first time, the school year started on March 1st, with the attendance of all the boys and girls, and they came with their parents on first day, which was exciting for everyone.”

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Go Read!

Angela Valco, 

Library For All was founded because 250 million children across the developing world are not achieving the basics of literacy and numeracy, even after 4 years at school. We are a NYC-based non-profit [Go read logo]  organization that exists to unlock knowledge to the developing world by providing access to a cloud-based digital library. Our mission is to increase educational opportunity for students in developing countries, giving them an opportunity to learn, dream and aspire to lift themselves out of poverty.

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The Gender-Friendly Classroom: Tips and Tools for Teachers

Randal Mason, 

As UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon noted this week, “Today, there are 57 million children out of school - and most of them are girls.” Teachers and administrators around the globe are struggling to create school environments that are friendly and supportive to both girls and boys. Yet complex gender-based barriers to education remain, hindering girls’, and in some cases boys’, access to school and participation in the classroom. For example, girls are less likely to begin school in many places, but boys are more likely to repeat grades or drop out altogether.

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Shake it up

2014 seems like a good year to shake things up. To do big things and not to look back, because it is the big things that are going to get the remaining children that are out of school in school. Our coalition members are sharing in this "Big Things for 2014" vision as they are already kicking the year off with big initiatives. Read up on these iniatives below and see how you can get involved!

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